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Who We Are

We partner with men to help them achieve 
the enjoyment of summiting life's climb.

Life is a lot like climbing a mountain. It has incredible views, different terrain, dangerous turns, steep ascents, and treacherous descents. Most try to go it alone. But if you study the lives of those who succeed, you will find that ALL of them have a trusted partner on their journey - someone who helps them plan, provides encouragement and assists when they trip and fall. Sherpa Partners wants to be just that for YOU - a trusted partner in the climb you call "life." 


Meet Rob Stout
Education and Training

For over 30 years Rob has been involved in helping lead men in their life's journey. He is a Certified Life Coach and has certification from Life Coach Institute, an approved 5-star, award-winning world-wide accredited institute of the International Coach Federation. Rob is also a graduate of Denver Seminary where he earned his Master's of Divinity with a concentration in Leadership. He has served for years in ministry role including being the lead pastor of a local church. In addition, he brings his years of experience in the business world to the table that help round out and bring perspective and real-world insight to his coaching. His experience, training and wisdom will be an enormous asset to your life's journey. He is well equipped to be the sherpa you need. 

Education, training and experience are not given, they are earned. We use everything we have been entrusted with  to support YOUR climb

Leadership Training

Graduate Education 

Professional Coaching Certification

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