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Certified Life Development Coaching 

We partner with men to help them achieve the enjoyment of summiting life's climb.

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The Coaching Advantage 

Available WORLDWIDE with the help of technology or in person in Colorado

The #1 rule of outdoor adventure is "don't go it alone." But many of us do. We do a trial and error approach to life and end up stuck or injured and in need of rescue. Worse yet, we unintentionally hurt others around us.


Rob Stout is a certified professional coach who can take you through a process of leading you into the life you were made for. His approach is not advice giving but, instead, one of helping you navigate through a proven process of growth.


Experience the coaching difference. Stop getting tripped up on your own and get a sherpa for the journey today. Email Rob Stout now to get his FREE PDF entitle "5 Good Reasons." It is something to consider as you pursue bringing on a personal development coach as a normal part of your life's climb. No charge, no obligation. No risk. Guaranteed.

What clients are saying

"Rob has been an invaluable resource in my life. I appreciate his wisdom and insight!"

Brad - Indianapolis, IN

"This process has helped me grow as a man. It has helped me be the man I want to be for my family and in my job."

Tony - Fort Collins, CO


"This has been one of the best investments I have even made. I am so glad I did it and it has been worth every dime!"

 David - Boulder, CO


"I appreciate Rob's insight. He made coaching about me. And that was something I really needed at this point in my life."

James - San Diego, CA 

Sherpa Coaching Clients 

Are you a man who ...


  • Is excited about life and wants to throw everything you have at the adventure? 

  • Is eager to grow?

  • Has hit one of the common challenges many men face in life including:

    • Spiritual Direction/Soul Work: where an I going in my journey with God?

    • Purpose: what am I living for and how will I know when I achieve it?

    • Career​ Transition: what's the next step that fits me best?

    • Addiction: why can't I kick this?

    • Marital Challenges: how do I grow a relationship that lasts?

    • Parenting: are there any other dads who go through this?

    • Or just wanting help navigating the challenges of life?

  • Doesn't just sit back and accept a new normal but wants a trusted resource to help you navigate to get the most out of your life? 

Invest in yourself. Let's get to work!

Rob Stout is professionally trained through Certified Life Coach Institute and has the experience and resources to be the sherpa you need on your journey. Coaching package listed below are available in person in the state of Colorado and WORLDWIDE with the help of technology. In addition to these options ask about in-person and virtual coaching groups starting soon!

SPECIAL OFFER!    Email Rob TODAY to schedule your free, no obligation, coaching consultation. He invests in you first but you have to take the first step. Get started TODAY.