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Going the Distance

Men's Weekend Retreat, Conference or Worship Service Speaking
About the Series 

Jesus calls his followers to an adventure with him - not for a minute, not for an hour, not for a day, a weekend, a year, or even a decade. He calls us to discover friendship with him, develop with him, allow him to mold our character to look like his and follow him through the ups and downs of a lifetime starting now and into eternity. He calls you to an adventure – to “Go the Distance.”​

  • Talk #1 - "Come and See" - Jesus' invitation to follow​

  • Talk #2 - "Come and Grow" - Walking with Jesus through life's storms

  • Talk #3 - "Come and Go All In" - Investing in things that last in this life and for eternity

  • Talk #4 - "Come and Live Forever" - Life here on this earth is important and full of adventure - so is eternity. 

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