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Keynote, Conference and Retreat Speaking

Sherpa offers a variety of speaking formats and topics to help you in your life's climb. We serve regional and national groups, churches, and community organizations. We can work with you to meet your specific needs. 
Going the Distance

Jesus calls his followers to an adventure with him - not for a minute, not for an hour, not for a day, a weekend, a year, or even a decade. He calls us to discover friendship with him, develop with him, allow him to mold our character to look like his and follow him through the ups and downs of a lifetime starting now and into eternity. He calls you to an adventure – to “Go the Distance.”​

With Everything

In a world that seems to be descending into insanity it is VITAL that men called to follow after God remember and live out WHO they are as men created in God's image and HOW he called them to live - with heart, soul, mind and strength. This series takes men on a journey that starts with understanding and living out their identity as men created in God's image and identifies message that threaten that identity. 

Essential Gear

Jesus summarized His Kingdom’s good news in a simple statement. One sentence out of a conversation with a spiritual explorer gives us the most essential aspect of aligning our life with Jesus and His eternal Kingdom. Don’t miss it or just think you have it and move on in your spiritual journey. Take the time, understand…gear up!

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