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With Everything

Men's Weekend Retreat, Conference or Worship Service Speaking

About the Series 

  • In a world that seems to be descending into insanity it is VITAL that men called to follow after God remember and live out WHO they are as men created in God's image and HOW he called them to live - with heart, soul, mind and strength. 

  • This series takes men on a journey that starts with understanding and living out their identity as men created in God's image and identifies message that threaten that identity. 

  • It then helps men identify what Jesus meant when he said recited Moses' teaching to love God with heart, soul, mind and strength. 

  • This retreat gives vivid imagery to the teaching of heart, soul, mind and strength to make them applicable to everyday life. 

  • It then combines the teaching with active learning exercises to cement the learning.

  • Men leave the weekend with a road map for living life "With Everything" the way God designed.  

  • This retreat can be a stand-alone event or can be designed to fit into an existing plan for men's ministry, soul work or small group ministry. 

  • Let's help the men of your church live "With Everything."


Let's discuss how "With Everything" can serve you or your group

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