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Getting Even 

New Book Release!
Getting Even: Countering Life's Hard Knocks 

What do you do when life punches you in the gut? You may have done everything right, made the right choices, and done the right things. But regardless of your best efforts, you are face-to-face with the hard knocks of life. Some men cower in the corner and shrink from the challenge. Others medicate to numb the pain and disappointment. Others blame it on someone else. Some turn to God, or their version of him.

Getting Even: Countering Life’s Hard Knocks meets you in the middle of life’s hard knocks and takes you on a journey to fight back, learn and grow, reflect inward, recalibrate, and move forward. Whether you didn’t do anything wrong to bring them on or you brought them on yourself and you’re to blame, Getting Even helps you see there are valuable lessons to learn from the hard knocks, and you can use them to grow into a new version of what your life was intended to be.

Author Rob Stout has lived through some of his own hard knocks. He walks alongside you as a coach in the journey of fighting back. He meets you where you are, addresses the realities of your life, assists you in understanding the role of faith in the fight, and coaches you toward moving forward to better days. In Getting Even, he offers an understanding of the role hard knocks play to make you better and help you in the next exciting season of your life.

What people are saying about Getting Even

Brennan W - Conifer, CO

"Getting Even is a fantastic read on a subject that everyone can relate to. Everyone faces their own challenges in their life, their own mountains to climb, or giants to conquer. In the book, Rob has blended his personal experiences with some great storytelling to write a book that will make you look at your own life's story and help guide you on your own journey of 'Getting Even.'"


Todd P. - Indianapolis, IN

"I have been waiting for Rob's book for 30 years. The privilege of having journeyed with him during this time has been immense. Watching him work from a growing, dynamic believer in college while in our ministry, to his with our ministry, his years as a gifted senior pastor of a growing church, to his successful years in business gives me a great perspective. Rob Stout is the real deal and it comes through in each page of his life's battle. It's in the victories and the defeats. Rob has "gotten even!" With a person who truly and rigorously puts into practice what he's honestly and challengingly putting forth, the same will happen. You will like the book; you'll love the results!"

Aaron C. - Denver, CO

"Rob's heart for men and women facing the inevitable challenges of life is incredibly evident. I was fortunate to experience his heart and soul when he led a small group I was attending. His words have played an important role in my development. I've also had the pleasure of serving alongside Rob during a few intensive retreats held by The Crucible Project. I do not doubt that many will benefit from this book."


Tom R. - Columbus, OH

"Rob Stout’s, Getting Even, could have been titled 'Winning.' Rob shows us owning your life and responding to challenges without blame can move us forward in dealing with the challenges we face. I have known Rob Stout for 33 years and have never experienced him as a 'victim.' His book, Getting Even, shows men how to evaluate and address hard things in our lives. From substance issues, to hardships at work, to situations with a child with special needs, Rob has been a man who responds to life’s demands and continues to win and move forward without a 'woe is me attitude.' Most men I know could be positively influenced by his book, Getting Even. There is a challenge in reading it if we tend to be men who accept our limitations with a 'that’s just the hand I’ve been played”'attitude. Rob Stout is a man who doesn’t say, this is just who I am, but rather, I will be who I can be and who I should be. On a practical level, Getting Even could be used to develop yourself but also, because of the helpful questions for reflection after each chapter, lends itself to be used to mentor other individuals or groups."

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  • E-book: $3.99

  • Paperback: $14.99

  • Hardcover: $33.95

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